Skinhead Books

There are a lot of books about Skinheads, from the early pulp-fiction novels from Richard Allen (James Moffat, passing away sadly in 1993) right through to the modern John King books.

This section of the site will attempt to collect as much information on what books are out there that deal directly, indirectly, or are related to Skinhead culture. This may cover the periferals slightly, as we all dabble (as many skinheads do) in the football casual circuit. We’ve also got pagan skinheads who have an interest in Runes, and so we’ll feature some books on this subject as well, although these might be migrated to another section at a later date.

One of the most prolific, well rounded and must-own books is the Spirit of ’69 : A Skinhead Bible, the inspiration for this site, and one of our personal favourites.

 List of Skinhead Books (click for details)

Spirit of ’69 : A Skinhead Bible – George Marshall
Skinhead – Nick Knight
Want Some Aggro? – Micky Smith / Cass Pennant
Skinheads – John King
Public Enemies – Leo Regan
East End: East London Photography – David Apps / Micky Geggus


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